Tramaine Wilkes

(Art Instructor )

Tramaine “Tre” Wilkes is an artist from North Carolina but based in Washington, DC. Tre works primarily with painting, with the belief that art is and always will be the vehicle for change. His art is meant to express the current disposition of affairs concerning the African American experience happening now in the United States. By using a dramatic representative style, the aim of the art is to give the viewer the chance to see society through the eyes of African American people. His paintings deal with the uncomfortable truths of systematic racism. It challenges the idea that we live in a “free and united” society. By presenting injustice, inequalities, as well as “Black” propaganda, his works reference the ideas of liberation as a form of resistance against the current American system of liberty.

His works are representations of seemingly concrete issues and situations of the African American, as well as depictions and ideas that can only be realized in painting. By using themes such as family, systemic injustice, and Black liberation he touches various overlapping topics. The subject matter varies but the overall theme is “Justice for All.” When the viewer leaves, they have a great amount of knowledge as well as questions that can only be answered with heartfelt dialog and introspection. Every generation has a duty and responsibility; they will either fulfill it or betray it. Tre’s mission is to make good on his obligations to future generations by captivating audiences

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